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Excelerated Alpha works with clients in strategic planning to develop and implement solutions that can successfully unlock the organization's true potential.


Let us know the challenges you're currently facing.

Excelerated Alpha is committed to helping organizations make more out of less by developing and delivering measurable outcomes.

We will occasionally offer industry specific solutions that offer broad enough functionality to support any organization in that particular industry.

Business intelligence

your bottom line is our top priority.

Every business is different and every industry presents its own special brand of challenges.  Excelerated Alpha will partner with you to develop innovative solutions for these challenges to improve the performance of your business.


  • Process Improvement
  • Business Operations
  • Forecasting
  • Key Metrics
  • KPI measurement


“Excelerated Alpha gave us the insights to grow our business while staying focused on managing costs.  We now know when and how to change our pricing to maximize our bottom line.”

Zeba Bar & Grill

Washington D.C.